Friends Only!~

This journal is friends only, though not completely. Only entries about my private life will be kept f-locked, so the graphics are open to public. Please comment here with a lil introduction first before adding me, unless you already know me. I love to make new friends, so don't be scared, I won't bite! <33

Friends only banner by me, image from jaejin 

New Layout~!

Finally I finished this layout!! It took me like forever to code it, because it's so 'colorful' so I had a hard time picking the colors for everything ^+^'  I first made this layout for Starry Night, but decided that it's not really suited for a graphic site. So here it is, comments are appreciated, thanks! <3 

Anyway I revamped this half dead journal, kinda. I removed all entries, much easier >_<;  What I shall add to this journal? I guess icons and just my boring ramblings. I'll keep this open for now, I might make it f-locked later, will see. I'll edit this post later, have to pack some stuff right now, going on a three days trip lol. This LJ is still under a lil revamp mode, I have to work on the profile page as well =_=;

And wah can't wait for Jae's and Chun's new single! ;-; PV looked so cute~! <3
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